High-End product is an extreme quality item.

No one likes to pay more when they could pay less, unless the product being offered creates the “WOW” factor and reflects IMPORTANT differentiation.

Customers will provide the information needed for us to close the sale.

Find out your competition.  Ask the customer about what other vendors they are considering.

Get rid of low-quality competitors as quickly as possible.  Convince your customer to eliminate poor quality options.

Check if the customer has experience buying highly priced solutions.  If yes, that is encouraging.  If not, explain the advantages of having a high-quality product.

Ask the customer if they have any stories when low-cost choices have let them down.  If the customer shares a story, use it to reinforce why to purchase high-quality products.  Bear in mind that if the customer is buying on price alone, it will be very difficult to convince otherwise.

Share examples of customers who have regretted buying a less pricey / less quality option.  If you do not have a story do not invent one.  If you have a story, then run with it!

Talk about the product, not all the add-ons you can offer – It is not about you!  The customer wants the best product for their money.

Provide price only after you are in control.  Never offer a discount unless you know for sure that your company is “winning” in the customer’s mind.  Make it clear that price negotiation will only start after the customer is really considering your proposal.

Never feel that you have lost the deal!

The deal is still on until it is off!