The small and private meeting areas in an office (huddle rooms) outfitted with audio and video conferencing equipment are making more sense

The commercial clients are making their home office a more appealing place to work. They are adding audio and video equipment to other areas of their homes as well.

More and more companies are planning to have staff remain working from home.

The crossover between residential and commercial integrators continues to grow.  This trend is creating new opportunities.

While the goals are the same for a commercial and a residential installation, every setting has its own set of requirements.

By nature, the demands of residential customers are normally higher than for a commercial customer.  Everyone wants to have “the best” at home!

The integrators must make sure that the products are reliable.

For the huddle room and home office, consider:

  • Discreet high-performance ceiling microphones from CTG Audio.
  • Dependable components to connect your video equipment from Luxi Electronics.
  • The right mounts for the monitors from HANGFORT.
For the residential audio and video experience, consider:
  • The projection screen, projector and speakers that will create the WOW factor from SIM2Waterfall AudioScreen ResearchSevertson Screens or The Screen Works.
  • Amplifier that produces a musical, smooth, warm, loud, clear, subtle and seamless sound from AMPED.
  • Comfortable motorized recliner chairs that will allow to enjoy the movie thoroughly from COMFORTTO.
  • The right lifts for the projector from HANGFORT.
  • Reliable components to connect your video equipment from Luxi Electronics.