After an installation with HDMI cables is completed and all the equipment is connected, if there is no picture, the installer will need to expend time searching for the problem.

Resetting the units will sometimes solve the problem, but many times it is not fixed.  The installer will need to contact the manufacturer to replace the devices.

A lot of labor and time has been wasted!
Most of the HDMI system problems are classified into two types:
  • Communication problems caused by EDID handshake or HDCP copyright
  • Signal strength problems caused by cable being too long

Luxi Electronics offers simple solutions that the integrator should always consider carrying on the jobs.


To fix communication problemsLuxi HDMI Communicator will change the sequence and timing to avoid conflict.


To fix signal strength problemsLuxi HDMI Extender will boost the signal.

Carry one of each. One of them will fix the problem!
Plus a spare 5 V power adapter, just in case!

No external power! 
The Extender never needs power.
The Communicators only sometimes.

Simple installation!

Courtesy of Luxi Electronics