CTG Audio manufactures high-performance microphones with a focus on ceiling based systems.

“These flush mounted microphones are unobtrusive (visible portion being smaller than a dime) and cables are hidden.”

CTG Audio systems allow participants to:

  • talk in a very natural tone and volume.
  • move around the room with no compromise in audio quality.
  • contribute without the passing around of a hand-held microphone.
  • identify who is talking at the distant end since the true timbre of the voice is being transmitted.
“The microphones are easily integrated with the current popular IP Video conferencing software such as: Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Team etc.”

CTG Audio systems are typically used for teleconferencing, presentation venues, distance learning, meetings that require recording, classrooms, courtrooms, etc.

“The table microphone can be plugged into a computer sound card to provide wide coverage of conference areas.”