Why Projection Technology?
  • Customizable image size, much larger than any TV.
  • Eliminates that BIG BLACK TV PRESENCE in the room.
  • Uses reflected light that is more pleasant to the eye than the emitted light of a TV.
  • Compact size. Blends with the décor.
  • Portability.
Why UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector?
  • Perfect solution when the room is small or there is no place to install a standard projector.
  • Its wide-angle lens allows it to be placed just under or above the projection screen.
  • No one can stand in the beam of the projected light creating a shadow.
Have you seen the SIM2 UST xTV?
Perfect when…OFF!
Perfect when…ON!
  • Better integration with interiors!
  • Designed to suit any room style!
  • Positioned next to the wall that will receive the image.

SIM2 UST xTV World

xTV: The projector is placed on top of the furniture or on the ceiling.
The elegant crystal glass cabinet blends in with the existing décor.

xTV INV: The projector is easily installed inside the furniture.
The crystal glass surface is flush with the top of the furniture.

xTV Q&EC: The projector is installed in the ceiling.
The crystal glass surface is flush with the ceiling.