RESIMERCIAL Opportunities

The first part of this year has been dramatic and confused.  We now see that the market is reacting and sales are dramatically improving.

Customers are willing to invest money after the lockdown.  They wish to improve, change or acquire technology.  This is a positive situation in the mid/high end of the AV market (not the same situation in the lower end).  It makes us very optimistic for business in the coming months.

We have the right product mix with the right prices to match customer requirements, face the competition and provide good margins.

Learn more and add value to your product lime!

RESIMERCIAL “Where Residential Meets Commercial” presentations:

  • CTG Audio: Friday August 14 at 11am EST.
  • Lightlink: Wednesday August 19 at 2pm EST.
  • Luxi Electronics: Friday August 21 at 2pm EST.
  • Waterfall Audio: Wednesday August 26 at 11am EST.
  • SIM2: Friday August 28 at 11am EST.